Strong Defence Against Cheaters: Protection is Coming Soon!

Strong Defence Against Cheaters: Protection is Coming Soon!

League of Legends is about to get a strong defence against cheaters, and guess what? Southeast Asia (SEA) has been picked to be the first place to test it! Riot Games, the company that made League of Legends, is getting ready to release antivirus software called Vanguard in April 2024.

Strong Defence Against Cheaters: Early Tests in the SEA Area

Riot Games is being very smart before Vanguard takes over the world of League of Legends. To make sure everything is fine, they’re first testing it in one area. The lucky spot? It’s the Philippines! With patch 14.5 coming out on March 6, those players will be the first to feel the power of Vanguard.

Strong Defence Against Cheaters: Get to Know the People Behind Vanguard

Riot Brightmoon and Riot Pupulasers told everyone about their plan in a short chat. Parts of Vanguard have been shown off in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) as early as February 2024. The main goal? To get rid of cheaters, scripters, and those annoying bots that make League of Legends less fun.

Strong Defence Against Cheaters: What Does Vanguard Really Mean?

Vanguard is League of Legends’ own superhero. It is special game security software made by Riot Games, the company that made the game. It’s like a guardian angel making sure everyone plays straight. This character is very strong because it has a client that works when League of Legends is open and a kernel mode driver.

Vanguard has shown what it can do since it was first introduced in Riot’s first-person shooter game Valorant. Riot Games now wants to make sure that League of Legends players also have a safe and fun place to play. There is a catch, though! You need to keep Vanguard busy while you play games. You can’t uninstall, leave, or change anything—it’s like the security guard at the coolest gaming club!

Concerns about privacy? Don’t stress!

Some players were a little worried about privacy when Vanguard first came to Valorant. Is it getting a look at our secrets? Riot Games knows you’re upset and wants you to know they follow all the rules. Vanguard is very strict about following local data privacy laws, so you can focus on beating the game without worried that your secrets will get out.

Are you ready to find out more?

It’s possible to find out more about this League of Legends hero by going to Riot’s help page. There, they tell you everything you need to know, and you might even find some cool game tips!

To sum up, League of Legends is getting ready for some real fair play with Vanguard. Wait for it, summoners! Right now, the Philippines is the test site. Soon, people from all over the world will be able to join in the fun without cheating. Stay tuned for more fun NIAGASLOT League of Legends news!